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    RODOD: Questions about technical architecture


      I'm looking for more information on Oracle RODOD (Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery) technical architecture design and implementation.

      My understanding is that RODOD includes at least the following products:
      - Oracle Siebel as CRM
      - Oracle Siebel Service
      - Oracle Order and Service Management (OSM)
      - Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)
      - Oracle AIA for Communications
      - Oracle Unified Inventory Management (UIM)

      My questions:

      1. What would be the best source of information when designing technical architecture for RODOD (consisting the above products)?

      2. In technical architecture design, are these products considered as separate products that are integrated together, or does RODOD set some special requirements for the implementation?

      2.1 Does RODOD require specific version of the above products? If yes, is this documented somewhere?

      2.2 When deciding platform and OS for the above products, do I need to go through the individual certification matrices for each product, or is there a certification matrix on "RODOD level"?

      3. Any other good advice for starters?

      Thanks in advance.