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    Running IgnoreErrors

      Some data that came as flat file from SAP to OAI had some errors and the PL/SQL procedure did not have the problen exception handler to handle the error and the error message generated in OAI is being written to the log file repeatedly and the log file is growing. I want to stop this error message to be written to the log file .
      So want to run ignoreErrors to ignore the message.

      There is the ignoreErrors batch file in the adapters directory .
      When I run this batch file from the adapters directory as ignoreErrors 6502 , I get the following message :

      ErrorCode-Handler: Apllication Error will be ignored: [6502].
      Exception in thread "main" org.ong.CORBA.NO_IMPLEMENT: minor code:0 completed: No at com.visigenic.vbroker.orb.GiopStubDelegate.locate(GiopStubDelegate.java:399) at (GiopStubDelegate.java:399) at com.visigenic.vbroker.orb.ORB.bind(ORB.java:1240) at com.visigenic.vbroker.orb.UnboundStubDelegate.bind(UnboundStubDelegate.java:27) at com.visigenic.vbroker.orb.UnboundStubDelegate.request(UnboundStubDelegate.java:115) at com.visigenic.vbroker.orb.UnboundStubDelegate.bind(UnboundStubDelegate.java:107) at org.omg.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl._request(ObjectImpl.java.433) at oracle.oai.admin._st_OAIAdminAgent.ignoreErrorCodes(_st_OAIAdminAgent.java:213) at oracle.oai.agent.common.ErrorCodeHandler.main(ErrorCodeHandler.java:85)
      Press any key to continue..

      What does this mean ?
      We are using OAI 9.0.2 on windows 2000 (test environment)
      We are using OAI 9.0.2 on windows NT (Production environment)

      Any help on this will be very much appreciated.