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    OID integration with AD

      Experts, I have a question about AD integration with OID.
      I want to integrate AD with OID 11gR1, so that all uses in AD will be available in OID. According to docs, this
      is done via the bootstrapping method and DIP, where all AD accounts (in specific OU) can be imported in OID. I hope
      this is fine. If yes, then we can refer to OID for user accounts. Then next question is to confirm following-
      for user password, the OID goes to AD directly for authentication. Is this correct?
      If this is correct then please provide me with reference to OID documentation where this is clearly specified.
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          Frank van Bortel
          It depends on what you want to use OID for. OID with WNA can be done for web based applications, and yes, it works like you describe.
          Enterprise Security in databases does not work - you need a password stored in OID for that.
          Location in docs is specific for versions - search through your own version, as 11G R1 is not specific enough. (i.e. V11.1.1.3 differs from