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    OCCI StatelessConnectionPool DestroyMode::SPD_FORCE usage scenario

      OCCI version: 11.2
      OS environment: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2
      Oracle database: Oracle 11g R2

      Previously I use default option to terminalConectionPool by "envirnoment->terminateStatelessConnectionPool(pool)", but if there is a busy connection and at the same time the NIC is disabled by shell command "ifconfig eth0 down", the error "ORA-24422" is thrown.

      Now I need to shutdown all connections forcefully by using DestroyMode::SPD_FORCE, but according the document, it says "SPD_FORCE indicates that any busy connections in the pool are forcefully terminated and the pool is destroyed; the user loses memory corresponding to the number of connections forcefully terminated."

      Does the "loses memory" means "memory leak"? In application or in OCCI library?

      Is anybody knows the background, please help!!

      Thanks in advance.