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    How to link a custom ADF form to BPM workflow

      Hi All

      Hope you are doing well.
      I've a basic knowledge on BPM, but had to start off with a project.

      My scenario is as below.

      1. User A clicks on a task in his BPM Worklist which should trigger an email to the same guy with a link in it (which is an ADF form to create a new row in a db with some values)
      2. Now, A clicks on the link send to him on Email, which opens up an ADF form where he provides all the details, along with the reviewer name(say, B, typically his manager, but he has to provide it, not derived automatically using getManger()) and submit.
      3. Now, this action should trigger an Email to the reviewer that he has provided in the form(step 2) where he can either approve or reject, with comments.
      4. Once B approves, A has to get a notification email saying the row has been created.

      The row that gets created in a db is a WS operation (createProject(with all the details))

      I'm seriously confused in designing this requirement.
      If I start the workflow with a Initiator pattern, just a click on the task should send an email to himself...How can this be done?
      How do we get in the ADF form that is in a seperate prj in to this workflow?
      How do we capture the values from the ADF form in to the BPM workflow?

      Would some one throw some light on how do we capture this scenario