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    Discrepancy between Time model and Ash

      Hii All
      In all "time model tuning" presantations says select count(*) from v$active_session_history = DB Time.
      I am taking two values to compare, one is delta value of 'Db time' between two snap_id from DBA_HIST_SYS_TIME_MODEL and second from "select count(*) from DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY" between same snap_ids result is that values not even close
      Also If 'Db time' - 'DB CPU' = "Wait time" then I compare 'Db time' - 'DB CPU value with sum(time_waited_micro) delta value of "dba_hist_system_event" between same snap_id values I getting same result
      have you any idea where I am wrong ?

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      Oracle Database on Aix 6