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    Unlocking users in weblogic(obiee 11g)

      I have problem with account being locked in weblogic and its failing to authenticate .I am going to servers->bi_servers->monitoring->security but could not manage to find out unlock account as mentioned in oracle documentation.
      To unlock a user account:

      " If you have not already done so, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock & Edit (see Use the Change Center).
      In the left pane click the name of the domain.
      Select Security > Unlock User.
      Enter the user name of the user whose account you want to unlock.
      Click Save."
      Please help ....Thanks
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          Why don't you follow the path laid out in the document itself? After clicking Lock & Edit, click on the domain name (which will generally be the bifoundation_domain), click on the Security tab and then the Unlock User sub-tab.

          Are you having trouble locating the path? You are in the Admin Console, correct?
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            Yes I am there but for my case I am not able to find that...unlock user sub tab
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              I guess a screenshot of the page you are at would help understand why you cannot see the Unlock User sub-tab. I don't know of any other reasons why it may be missing.
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                if helps mark if something else check with Oracle
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                  I am not able to produce screenshot because of security issue.Would you mind sending me the screenshot if you can from your system.
                  By the way I can see the status of the user account which shows 3 accounts locked in weblogic.
                  Would you mind rechecking once and getting back to me please
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                    I do have this document but my problem is I am not able to find my unlock user tab as mentioned in the document.
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                      I see where you are now. You are in the wrong place because you don't seem to be reading the document or my post for that matter carefully. On the home page of the Admin Console on the left there is a section called Domain Structure. Under that you will find bifoundation_domain as a clickable link. When you click that, on the right you will see Settings for bifoundation_domain and tabs for Configuration, Monitoring, Control, Security, Web Service Security and Notes. Click on the Security tab and you will see the Unlock User sub-tab. If you still cannot find this and I'm assuming there have been no customizations of any kind on the Weblogic Admin Console, it would be best if you took it to Oracle.

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                        I was there in the path mentioned by you but may be its not visible for me.I have all the tabs monitorin,security but not the sub-tab under it.Thanks for all your help,I really appreciate it
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                          If you can see the number of users locked, then you are not in the path I have mentioned. Good luck!
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                            1) login to weblogic console http://localhost:7001/console
                            2) From the left hand side you will see 2 boxes one is a)Change Center b) Domain Structure
                            3) look in domain structure box - there is a first line which will have your domain name for eg: dev_bifoundation_domain or bifoundation_domain or qa_bifoundation_domain what ever the name you have used.

                            4) click on that domain name(dev_bifoundation_domain)
                            5) it will show you the options on the right hand side with different tabs Conifguration,Monitoring etc
                            6) click on Secuirty from top row between contorl and web service secuirty
                            7)when you click on security you will see few more tabs under first row as general,filter,unlockuser,embeddedldap,roles,policies
                            8) click on unlock user tab between filter and embedded ldap
                            9) you will see this

                            "If a user unsuccessfully attempts to log into a WebLogic Server instance more than the configured number of retry attempts, they are locked out of further access.

                            This page allows you to unlock a locked user so that they can log in again.

                            unlock user:


                            next to unlock user box type the user details which you want to unlock

                            thats it you are done. You have now successfully unlocked it

                            Settings for dev_bifoundation_domain
                            Configuration Monitoring Control Security Web Service Security Notes --- 1st row
                            General Filter Unlock User Embedded LDAP Roles Policies --- 2nd row

                            mark correct.

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