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      Dear Members,

      I need your support in the below issue:
      I have a C++ application that is connecting to the oralce databse using OCI lib. libclntsh.s0.11.1 after the application runs for a sometime, it just terminates writting in the logs KPEDBG_HDL_POP_FCPTR.
      I have tried to debug the application using the truss command but nothing usefull were in the logs
      The appliaction with the same configuration is running normally on other machine without facing this problem. The OS is hpux11.

      Do anyone do what is the exact meaning of this error message and why it is generated
      Thanks in advance for your help

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          Is your problem resolved? I am also getting similar error. We have a multi-threaded application written in Pro* c, Oracle 11 DB and AIX 7. We get this error when we launch multiple instances of the same binary simultaneously.

          Please let us know if you got any solution fro this problem. Any help would be highly appreciated.

          Thanks & Regards,