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    hosting oracle database HELP !!!


      in this days i found the jdeveloper adf the best tool for my needs.
      before i decide to start working much more then few monthes,
      i search for few days hosting alternatives for oracle database

      in oracle.cloud the prices:
      for (s5) 5 gb db and 30gb data transfer - the price is 175$ >>>>> in azure win+sql db = 29$
      and for (s20) 20 gb db and 120 data transfer - the price 900$ >>>> in azure win+sql db = 80$

      fast calc >> 175 * 4 = 700 >> why 900$ ?
      in all models when you use more you pay less...

      ok, maybe i will check hosting in vps.
      and, i'm afraid to use the aws services becuse it's real difficult to calc the real price.

      when i searching for vps or dedicated serves ill need license as well
      if i use glass fish as weblogic i can cut the WebLogic license but for the database - i can't use the express becuse of it's limitations.

      the standart db looking great for my needs but again:
      the price is more then 18000$ for per processor ???
      or per user is 374$ ???

      ok, maybe i will use MySql db ?
      in this link : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/multidatabaseapp-085183.html
      there is few - Unsupported Features for different db.

      in this days i'm very comfused about my choice of real proffetional tool JDEVELOPER!!!
      is it real tool for enterprise or just for small groups of users and low memory needs ?

      i'm sure that lots of developers like me choose the db and compare prices alternatives

      HELP !!!


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