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    SDE_ORA_InventoryProductDimension_Temporary always makes dw server down

    Yu Yang
      When running ETL 79% the task SDE_ORA_InventoryProductDimension_Temporary_Full will run 2 or more hours , then the dw server will down , on dac server side it only show the
      plan failed the detail description has no more information , the infomatica log show the task has completed then the infor server can not connect to the repository database which is
      on the same server machine as DW, that means at this time the server down.

      DW is installed on a oracle enterprice redhat linux server which is in a virtual box , and it have 32G ram and 16 cpus
      the DW parameters processes is 1000, sessions is 2000.
      so what make the server down ?