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    Cannot unblock Em 12c agent

      I have a system where the agent has been blocked by the OMS service. After restarting the agent and running the resynch agent job (Agent -> Resynchronisation) the agent remains blocked with the following errors in the job log: -
      resyncState: IN executeCommand
      resyncState: validated parameters
      Starting resync RESYNC_20130409120523 for agent lsomoal01a:3872
      Getting list of all the Targets to remove from the the agent - lsomoal01a:3872
      Removing list of plugins from the agent
      Getting list of all the Targets from the repository for the agent - lsomoal01a:3872
      Pushing list of plugins to the agent
      Promoting list of targets to the agent
      Re-deploying Metric Extensions to the targets
      Saving target collections to the agent
      Cleaning state on the agent
      Exception in resync: null
      resyncState: resync of agent failed.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next?


      Steve Dennis
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          The message [No route to host] corresponds to a network host name resolution issue from the OMS host to the target agent's host.


          See the following reference for comprehensive network diagnostics for EM components:

          Note 428665.1 Enterprise Manager: Installation Requirements and a Checklist for Configuring and Testing Network Connections between EM Component Hosts


          1. Ensure the OMS is able to successfully resolve the agent's host name.

          $ping <agenthostname.domain>

          $nslookup <agenthostname.domain>

          $nslookup <ipadress_returned_by_previous_command>


          2. Ensure that the data returned by the last command is exactly the same as that returned by the other commands, and as shown in the console.


          3. Once Agent host name resolution is successful, then proceed with agent resync operation from the console.