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    Error rebuilding Dataguard standby ora-19909

    oralicious Recreating Standby database

      full backup of production
      copy to standby location
      Prim: backup controlfile as standby, copy to standby
      restore to standby,
      restore database
      Primay run incremental SCN for standby to recover
      backup standby controlfile on primary,
      copy and restore to standby
      catalog the incrementals on standby
      recover database should look at the incremental which it does however when it tries to recover I get

      ora-19909 datafile 1 belongs to an orphan incarnation (see note 288200.1 or this blog note http://www.3nf.ca/blog)

      so I check the incarnations and for some reason Ive got an incorrect one on standby (can happens a few ways but not to matter how I got it, I need to fix it), so I reset to correct incarnation, generate the control file again from primary, restore it to standy, confirm its using same incarnation as primary and run the recovery again

      but Im still getting the 19909 error


      edit: Just noticed that after the recover incremental finishes its creating the second incarnation on the standby.

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