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    OEL 6 Implementation Essentials Exam [1Z0-460] Study Resources

      Does anybody know of any study resources for this exam. I have the Oracle Linux 6 Implementation Essentials Exam Study Guide (which is pretty vague) and OEL 6 documentation from Oracle, but I was wondering what others have used to take this exam. The training from Oracle is quite expensive, so I'm mostly looking for specific books or other resources. I understand that it's still pretty new exam and resources are limited.

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          Apart from the OU Training listed in the Study Guide, you can refer to the product documentation which is available at:


          Your best bet at this time is to go through the topics listed in the Study Guide and prepare using the above documentation resources. I think there is a OPN Linux 6 Boot camp being developed for OPN Partners too. Hope this helps!
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            Thanks for the response. That is the path I was going with, so far. Seems those are the only resources out there.
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              I would possibly suggest starting from http://linux.oracle.com rather than it's documentation sub folder. As on OCS installation exam this will put some weight on the features that Oracle use to differentiate their linux distro and its support from others. That said, you need to know other things when it is in the topics as well. As being more solaris orientated prior to taking the beta there was once or twice that knowledge hindered me rather than helped; but generally reasonably linux/unix background helped me in a couple of places.

              Arguably experience of an actuall ULN registration may help, otherwise your doing it from theory. Cant remember if there are any youtube videos on this.

              Check this as well:


              If I remembers anything else significant i may put it here.