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    iStore: Customer account sites with multiple price list


      We have an account with many sites, each site uses different price list. Say 1 site uses FR price list other uses GR price list.

      Users are suppose to use specific price list only. How can we have the users use their specific price list.

      Thanks in Advance
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          For iStore you can setup specialty site based price lists and/or customer account level price lists.

          To setup the customer account level price lists -

          Set the profile option "IBE: Use Customer Account Price List" at the site level to Yes.

          Link the customer to the price list -
          1. Login to Oracle Forms and select Receivables Manager responsibility.
          2. Navigate to Customers > Standard.
          3. Select an account based on Customer Name, Account Number, or Organization Number.
          4. Press the Find button and select an address from the popup window; select Ok.
          5. Select the Order Management tab.
          6. Enter the appropriate price list in the Price List field, and save the form.
          7. Bounce the middle-tier and Web Cache servers.

          Oracle iStore Implementation and Administration Guide Release 12.1 (Part No. E13575-06)
          Chapter 10 Implementing Pricing
          Page 10-21
          Section Implementing Customer Account Price Lists


          You can setup modifiers for Customer (ie Customer Name) and Store (Minisite_ID) on the price list(s)
          For this setup you would need to set both "IBE: Use Customer Account Price List" and "IBE: Use Price List Associated with Specialty Site" to No.

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