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    Dump file


      I need to import 10GB dmp file.

      Usually i get dump file in .dmp format.

      Today Im seeing that dump file has came in this format (fulldbdp.dmp.bkp)

      How to import this dmp.bkp format?

      Usually, I use this query (imp username/password file=filename.dmp full=y log=abc.log)

      how to open this .dmp.bkp format???

      Kashif M
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          change the extension from fulldbdp.dmp.bkp its nothing but a backup file so from where ever u got the file its a backup one which gets created usually if u make any changes to original one.

          So request for .dmp one or just change the extesion from .dmp.bkp to .dmp

          thats it. hope it helps