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    Weblogic server 12c managed server not starting

      Hi All,

      I am a newbie in weblogic. I downloaded the weblogic server 12c and installed in development mode in my Mac OSX 10.8. I am able to create the clusters and added the managed servers in it. I started the node manager attached to the machine where the managed servers are situated. Now the admin server is working, but when i try to start the managed server, it is showing TASK IN PROGRESS and not getting started. When i checked the logs, there were no logs added.

      Please help me out.

      Thanks in advance
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          Please give more details how are you trying to starting the managed Server.

          1. Are you starting from the Admin console?

          If yes, what is the status message in the console? Do you see any errors in the admin server console?

          Did you check if the Nodemanager is reachable from the admin console ?

          2. Are you starting from the command prompt ?
          For eg. startManagedWeblogic.cmd ManagedServer_name

          Please explain.