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    Customer security concerns with using OWC (Beehive)


      My customer is currently using strtc for OWCs but I believe that this will move to Beehive very soon.
      Their security team has locked down strtc and need answers to some security questions.

      When using Beehive for conferencing, can you answer what the support teams will be able to access please?
      The type of things that their security team want to know are:
      "we need to give them details of what can be done by Oracle Support while we are linked together via this site. Is this something you can gather details together for and send over to me? Type of things they want to know are whether files can be copied from our network / linked pc, can files be dropped onto our network / linked pc, can you explore our network via the linked pc without us knowing etc."

      Thanks for any advice.

      Kind Regards,

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          Beehive Web conferencing has similar capabilities to STRTC and the transfer of files between the server and the client is not one of our capabilities - the system allows co-browsing to be enabled to allow the customer to show the support staff the problem in situ and the capability exist for the support staff to control the remote users desktop - with their approval should it be thought valuable to solving the problem. The session can also be recorded.

          So we cannot do anything on the remote PC without their knowledge and approval.

          File movement between support and the customer is done via the Oracle Support portal not the web conferencing system.