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      • 15. Re: Windows task scheduler listen for table on Oracle?
        Mark Malakanov (user11181920)
        What I want to do is have the end of the PL/SQL proc run the BAT file on the visual analytic server if there is a business critical event (rowcount > 0).
        It is possible with external proc, but is wrong because is not secure and complex.

        Your scheduled bat should check whatever condition, like is table existing or not, or, better, are some expected rows in some table or not, then it should proceed or exit.

        to check table from bat you can call sqlplus with SQL code.
        file CHECKTABLE.SQL
        select * from ATABLE;
        file MY.BAT.CMD
        if %ERRORLEVEL% = 1 goto :EX
        do something
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        • 16. Re: Windows task scheduler listen for table on Oracle?
          Hi Mark,

          This is perfect! I have one issue thought, when I run select count(*) from dmsn.ds3r_1xrtt_voice_trigger in Toad, I get a row count of 21 (which I correct), but when I run this:

          @echo select count(*) from dmsn.ds3r_1xrtt_voice_trigger; | sqlplus user/pass@server I get this:


          why is not giving the same result as toad?

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          NVM....I forgot to put COMMIT; at the end of the insert proc in toad. Didn't know that Oracle doesn't auto commit like SQL Server :-). New to the oracle env

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          • 17. Re: Windows task scheduler listen for table on Oracle?
            Hi Mark,

            So following you guide above, could I do something like this?


            SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dmsn.ds3r_1xrtt_voice_trigger

            Trigger.BAT.CMD file

            sqlplus %USER%/%PASSWORD%@ORACLE @CheckRowCount.SQL
            if ROWCOUNT < 1 goto :EX
            c:\Autobatch\Spotfire.Dxp.Automation.ClientJobSender.exe http://SERVER/spotfireautomation/JobExecutor.asmx c:\AutoBatch\backup\Trigger_Test.xml

            for some reason I don't think the if ROWCOUNT would work. Also, After completion of this:
            c:\Autobatch\Spotfire.Dxp.Automation.ClientJobSender.exe http://SERVER/spotfireautomation/JobExecutor.asmx c:\AutoBatch\backup\Trigger_Test.xml

            if i wanted to run a another SQL command, how would I do that? like a drop table
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