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    Radio Group (af:selectOneRadio) with images

      Hello everyone.

      I'm using jDev

      In a .jsf page I want to use a Radio Group (af:selectOneRadio) with 4 options available (so, 4 af:selectItem).
      I'm trying to include an explanatory image or icon in each case, but I cannot figure out how. I cannot include images inside af:selectItem
      Is there a nice and neat way to do this?

      Thanks a lot
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          Timo Hahn
          You can play with e.g. a af:panelLableAndMessage which holds a selectBooleanRadio and an af:image. If you put all radios into one group it works like a selectOneRadio
                        <af:panelLabelAndMessage id="plam3">
                          <af:selectBooleanRadio label="Label 1" id="sbr1" group="gg1" simple="true"/>
                          <af:image source="/images/1.gif" id="i2"/>
                        <af:panelLabelAndMessage id="plam2">
                          <af:selectBooleanRadio label="Label 2" id="sbr2" group="gg1" simple="true"/>
                          <af:image source="/images/2.gif" id="i3"/>
                        <af:panelLabelAndMessage id="plam1">
                          <af:selectBooleanRadio label="Label 3" id="sbr3" group="gg1" simple="true"/>
                          <af:image source="/images/3.gif" id="i1"/>
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            Timo thanks a lot for your reply.
            Nice trick!!