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    Has anyone fixed the Headstart libraries for Forms 11 ?

    Jan Willem Vermeer
      I have a 100% generated Designer - Forms application using the %65.pll headstart libraries - the so-called Headstart version 6.5i.

      Currently our production environment is running on Oracle Application Server 10.1.2. It works fine, however, because of several reasons (the underlying Oracle Portal environment is not working properly anymore on Internet Explorer 10) and continuous alerts that our customers may not use Java 6 and should upgrade to Java 7, we have to migrate to 11g.

      We have installed Fusion Middleware, upgraded Portal and recompiled all Forms modules and libraries. Also the Headstart libraries compiled ok. However, when we start a form we get the message that it has been created with an older version of Forms and it quits.

      The consequence is that i have to migrate the Forms as well with the tool frmplsqlconv. Sadly that fails on the Headstart libraries. For example these errors occur:
      CG$MESSAGE: The String CALL was found. If it is an occurrence of the Forms Built-In, It should be replaced with CALL_FORM.
      CG$_PREVIOUS_MENU: The PREVIOUS_MENU Built-in is obsolete and will not compile.
      CG$_HELP: The MENU_HELP Built-in is obsolete and will not compile.
      CG$_EXIT: The EXIT_MENU Built-in is obsolete and will not compile.

      Does anyone have Headstart libraries with fixes for these errors?
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          Mark Striekwold
          Hello Jan Willem,

          The Oracle Designer Headstart forum is archived, so posting on that forum is no longer possible.

          Which version of Headstart 6.5i do you have? Can you tell me the technical number, something like 6.5.4..0.1?

          Oracle Headstart is a product of Oracle Consulting from the Netherlands. Maybe someone of Oracle Consulting can tell you whether there is a version of Headstart which can run with Forms 11.

          Also can you tell me the exact message you get when connecting to the Oracle Forms 11. Is this the same message you get message when connecting with IE 10 and JRE 1.7 to Oracle Forms 10?


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            Jan Willem Vermeer
            Hello Mark,

            the problem has been fixed...
            1) I tried to migrate the forms to 11g, but that can not be done with headstart... The fmb/pll files should be kept on 10g.
            2) The migration documentation is not complete: webutil has been installed completely (in other words, webutil is not migrated)

            So, steps are:
            1) Install webutil
            2) Recompile all libraries (including headstart and webutil)
            3) Recompile all menus
            4) Recompile all forms

            Then the Forms application works again.

            Java 7 update 21 is very dramatic. The "vendor" work-around can not be used anymore, like with previous Java 7 versions... It is unbelievable how amateuristic Oracle deals with Java. For me, Java in the client is dead as long as Oracle has the controls. So, the end of Forms is very near. If you are also looking for alternatives, check theformspider.com.

            Thanks for your help.

            Best regards, Jan Willem Vermeer