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    Where to get latest OID?

      I am using an old release ( of OID for central tns names resolution only. I want to replace this with whatever the latest version is, which from what I can gather on Oracles page is 11.2

      Finding the download for this however, is another matter. I eventually got directed to this page: https://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/Download/get_form?egroup_aru_number=11571973 but have no idea which component to download. Do I need weblogic etc. or is there just one item on this page I need?

      Even the README doesn't show me what I need, unless I am missing something here. Has OID been rebranded as something else?

      On another note, this looks somewhat like overkill for something as simple as a central names resolution solution - would I be perhaps better off going with one of the free open source ldap solutions? (suggestions?) Although, if the Oracle solution can be minimal enough I would sooner stick with that.
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          Daniel Redfern

          The edelivery is the right place to download and the Oracle support for the patches

          Since November 2012, OID was only available as 11.2 was yet to be released. There a link within the page below will direct you to the version.