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    Transferring VMs for a primary DG server

      Environment: 11r2 on RHE Linux 5.8 host, running on a VMware VM.

      My VMware admins need to move the primary Oracle server from VM1 to VM3. This primary has 2 associated data guard standby servers on 2 different VMs.

      "In theory" there won't be any issue with moving the primary server from one VM to another (other systems, such as Windows, seem to have no downtime when this happens). "In theory" this transfer will take under a minute (it does with Windows servers). I'm guessing RHEL and Oracle may not be so forgiving.

      Do any of you gurus out there have knowledge/experience on this matter? If so, is there a list of steps I should take beforehand? Any gotchas to look out for?
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          VMWare has a Knowledge Base based note on this :


          Our Admins claim their they do it all the time and we never notice. But then only a hand full of test databases are on VM and none are Data Guard.

          In the the lab I have several and I just shutdown everything and move them cold without issue.

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            Thanks for the reply. With great terror in my heart, I performed an experiment today in the name of SCIENCE.

            The aforementioned production Oracle server (a primary data guard feeding 2 stand-bys) and a separate standby (whose primary is a different production Oracle instance on another VM) were both migrated in a live state to a separate VM.

            Verdict: there was no noticeable change in performance, no errors, etc.