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    OBIA Configuration


      We are implementing OBIA (Finance & HR) , All Installation and configuration over.

      Now we are working on DAC common configuration parameters,source file and lookup file configuration.

      I'm referring OBIA configuration guide. But its look huge for me to study, As I have very less to show reports to my client.

      can anyone share a easy document with step by step method to go fast and finish my task?

      Our OS = windows server 2008
      Ebiz =12.1.3
      Informatica = 9.0.1
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          Just refer OBIA configuration guide and make sure you have Business Analyst with you to configure them.
          If some one share any document its no use and more over its time consuming process.

          Since its very first time(Dev) you are setting up it'll take time.

          If helps mark

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          BTW: can you update this post

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            Yes, I understand it will take some more time for me.

            I'm expecting some real time source file and look file for finance and hr so that I can understand and work fast on it.

            Queries I need to use on ebiz db to fill my lookup and source file for finance and hr module.
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              Everything is given in that doc itself. When I was configuring I just followed same.

              Btw: Do you have Fin and HR Business analyst or Functional guy with you? If you dont have then its hard.

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                I dnt hv, I'm going to follow that guide only.

                just looking some way to finish it very soon.