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    Compare mapping files

      All for osme reason our management wants to compare mapping file from one period to another. For example, or mapping files are kept in Excel and loaded into FDM. We want to compare last periods version vs. current period to see what changes. They want a report that spits out the differences. I have looked at some 3rd party tools but none seem to work fast and effective. Is there a way to check or run a report in FDM that can do this. I am looking for a report that compares prior mappings to current mappings and shows the differences. I don't think there is a way but just curious if anyone else is doing this. We can use vlookups in excel but due to formatting, it's a lot of manual work to prepare files to run vlookups. We have 6 excel files for each dimenstion that gets modified for 5 management entities which means I need to run 30 vlookup files which is a waste of process time
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          In the web client, under the Analysis menu, choose Reports, then, from the English Groups drop-down, choose Audit Reports. You will see a few mapping audit reports to choose from. The reports display exactly what changed without having to do a comparison from period to period.