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    ESSO LM Agent Capturing application credential problem

      Hi all,

      In my test environment Am having the following

      Oracle ESSO Logon Manager
      ESSO-LM Administrative Console Version

      IN Active Directory having two Organizational Units(OU) says
      ESS , IMS

      In both OU's am having 2 users.
      In ESS says <font color="red">essuser01, essuser02</font>
      and in IMS says <font color="red">imsuser01, imsuser02</font>
      Domain Name : example.com

      I have installed Admin Console in Windows 7 pro.
      and LM Agent have been installed in another system also having Win 7.

      In Left pane of my Admin console

      Global Agent Settings > Live > Synchronization > ADEXT
      Base Location for Configuration Objects sets to
      <font color="red"><li>OU=ims,DC=example,DC=com</li></font>
      <font color="red"><li>OU=ess,DC=example,DC=com</li></font>
      Location for storing user credentials sets to
      Under respective directory user objects
      Having Applications
      ESS_yahoo - For yahoo mail login
      IMS_Gmail - For Gmail login
      Have published ESS_Yahoo(Application) and Live(Global Agent Settings) to target repository 
      IMS_Gmail(Application) and Live(Global Agent Settings) to target repository 
      Problem is while login as IMS or ESS users LM Agent is capturing both applications.

      Even I set
      Global Agent Settings > Live > User Experience > Application Response > Initial credential Capture > Limit response to predefined applications for
      All application Types & Web Applications set to
      <font color="blue">Predefined applications only</font>
      My need:
      For ESS users Agent must capture only Yahoo credentials,
      same as IMS user it must capture only Gmail not yahoo.

      What i have to do. Am newbie to ESSO.

      Response will be appreciated.