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    ODI XML driver doesn't generate XML element with NULL value


      I generate XML files using ODI 11g. My trouble is following:
      In XSD schema I have definition like this, array of similar elements work like the unique key, the integrity is done on the database level:
      <element name="Mandatory" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">

      When one of those keys comes from database with NULL value, I want to have in the output this:

      But the result of ODI is that the element is not generated at all to the XML file.

      I tried to switch one tested column in the ODI model XML table to Mandatory, so it means NOT NULL, but the behavior is still the same, what is also confusing, there is incoming NULL value to the field which is set up NOT NULL.
      I also tried something like SUBSTR('A',1,0), but as soon as the result is also NULL, it won't work.

      Ok, so the point is how to force ODI to generate empty element in XML extract.

      Thanks for hints.


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