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      I'm working on OBIA I have run the full load for finance and HR..

      In My target I all the dimensional table has been loaded. but in face no data is there.

      I have done all the common parameters.

      what may be the reason??

      my source is ebiz -12.1.3
      OS:windows server 2008

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          Veeresh Rayan
          Can you telll me if you have created any new EP or using the OOTB EP.

          Also can you confirm how are you checking the data in Fact table?..

          Do these things.

          Go to DAC ->Run history --> and query those tasks which are responsible for Fact load. Example SDE_Ora_GLBalance_Fact_Full(SIL_GLBalanceFactFull).

          Also scoll to the right and see how many rows gor inserted/updated in the same record.

          Check these tasks(Fact loading tasks) have completed properly or not in Informatica Workflow monitor..

          Please mark correct or helpfull in case helps.

          Veeresh Rayan