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    Issue in connecting to Host machine from Virtualbox

      Hi Experts,

      I 've installed Virtualbox 4.2.10 on RHEL 6 and installed guest OS RHEL 6 on it. I 've configured NAT & Host-only adapter in order to established the connection with the Virtualbox from the Host OS.

      The issue is that the Host machine is  able to connect to Virtualbox i.e on which the virtualbox is installed But not vice versa i.e Failed to ping the server from Virtual machine.
      even though Virtual machine can connect to Internet but not able to ping the server. there is no ISsue in sharing a folder from the Host OS to virtaulbox . able to mount share directory from the Guest OS i.e from VirtualBox.
      i 've disabled the SELINUX in both the machine as well.

      when i ping the Host machine from the virtualBox . ping ebs1.oracle.com or ping IP  it says Destination host unreachable.  But can ping the Virtual machine from the Host.

      Please see the following configuration of  /etc/hosts & /etc/resolv.conf of both the machine.
      Host OS which is ebs.oracle.com & Guest OS i.e VirtualBox which is ebs1.oracle.com.  And the IPs of both are : And & the DNS which i 've configure is
      [root@ebs Desktop]# vi /etc/hosts
      [root@ebs Desktop]# cat /etc/hosts The same configurtion in VirtualBox /etc/hosts file as well localhost.localdomain localhost
      * ebs.oracle.com ebs*
      * ebs1.oracle.com ebs1*

      [root@ebs Desktop]# cat /etc/resolv.conf The same configurtion in VirtualBox /etc/resolv.conf file as well
      # Generated by NetworkManager
      search nameserver

      Could you please  suggest why the Guest OS i.e Virtual machine is not able to ping the HOST OS despite getting the shared folder or no issue in mounting the shared directory from the Virtualbox.