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    weblogic 12c exam

      Hi all, Does exactly know the answer to the following question.? Thanks all

      1. You want to use WLST to view metrics for a running domain. Which command should you issue to
      navigate through the Mbean hierarchy containing the metrics?
      A. runtime()
      B. runtimeMbeanServer()
      C. connectRuntime()
      D. beginRuntime()
      E. serverRuntime()

      2. A customer wants to improve the availability of a web application and provide more predictable
      scalability when scaling out the application.
      Which Feature of WebLogic should you recommend to help solve this problem?
      A. Oracle Web Grid
      B. ActiveCache
      C. Coherence Grid Edition
      D. WebLogic Session Replication
      E. Coherence Web Edition

      3. Which action cannot be done in a scripted, automated fashion using WLST?
      A. collecting run-time metrics and sending an email if user-defined thresholds are exceeded
      B. configuring Clusters and Managed Servers
      C. starting Managed Servers using the Node Manager
      D. installing WebLogic binaries on a remote machine using Node Manager
      E. configuring a Managed Server on a remote machine where the Node Manager isinstalled
      butnootherManaged Servers from the domain exist

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