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    Installing Windows 2008 R2 first time

      I have set up numerous linux vms. I am trying to install windows server 2008 on one of our servers now.

      What I have done so far, is Uploaded the ISO to my REPO. Created a new guest, chose Windows Server 2008 R2 as type, chose XEN HVM as type. I have other Linux HVM's running on this server, gave it appropriate RAM and CPU, gave it a network, gave it the physical Disk and the ISO, Slot 1 of 4 was DISK, Slot 2 of 4 was CD/ROM, last screen for the order was CDROM, followed by DISK.

      VM Console connects to it, and start the machine

      Windows Server install starts - go through a few screens to install, installation starts gets up to 80+% on the extraction process. Then starts a reboot and gives me a BOOTMGR is missing.

      Anyone seen anything like this? Or what steps of the Windows installation am I doing wrong?