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    VM Manager 3.2.2 & VNC Console

      I Have setup the VM Manager and VM servers, Iam trying to install the VMs however, when I launch console, It launches a Java applet which returns a window with VNC saying connected, Apart from that I dont see anything.

      On The VNC console The Disconnect is greyed out, How can I get to see the session running, How Can I work on the Virtual Machines using CLI from The VM Manager or VM server without using the VNC.
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          I am using Oracle VM Manager 3.2.2 and VNC console too. It generally works, but it does not work after several weeks, and then reboot Oracle VM Manager server, it works again, but after several weeks, it does not work again. The same phenomenon as up floor.


          If your guest OS does not have a graphic interface, to access your VM console without VNC:


          1. find out VM uuid from VM wizard of VM Manager (select the VM, click "edit". It's the field "ID")

          2. login to VM server on which the VM is running, and run command:

          xm list | grep vm_uuid

          remember the domain id (the 2nd column of output)

          3. run command

          xm console domain_id

          and click "enter" two times

          4. you can exist by click "ctrl+]"