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    SimpleCheckBox plug-in ; Label Alignment and Size


      i am using the Simple checkBox Plug-in from Plugins Repository. I am having the situation that i need to Display the Label of the checkbox in one line, after the check box symbol.

      Up to now, i have managed to display the label, but it have leading space which i do not need and after the label, i am trying to put a Select List control, which i can't display just after it.

      Here is a picture of what i have achieved up to now: http://imagebin.org/254101

      Here are my settings for the 1st item: http://imagebin.org/254103
      Here are my settings for the 2nd item: http://imagebin.org/254104

      The template for Page is:      One Level Tabs - No Sidebar and the template of region is : Form Region / Above Content. The Regions are in Position: Page Template Body (3).

      I am using APEX and Oracle EE Database under Windows 7 64 bit Pro.