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    Really weird problem with Usage Tracking!

    Jacob J
      Hi guys

      We are running OBIEE on Exalytics and allmost all is fine and dandy. We have though one weird problem. When we first enabled usage tracking, we sudddenly got some errors on some of our dashboards, saying that we didn't have the privilegies to create temporary tables. Allright we got our user (which is a shared user) the privilegies to create temporary tables, and the reports with the problems started working again! Awesome! But low and behold - then Usage Tracking stopped working, not a single mentioning in the logfiles about it. Maybe an error or, the acknowledgement that Usage Tracking has started, which is the normal.

      So basically we are running without Usage Tracking because the reports that gives us the problems are deemed more important... which they might be, but thats different story...

      Any ideas to what is going on here? We have collected Usage Tracking data, while the reports were broke, so im quite confident that the setup is correct. But why would it stop, when giving "create table" privilege to our shared user?

      Best regards, Jacob