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    Moving from R11 to Fusion


      I am currently working on Oracle 11i Support. I have some questions on change to Oracle Fusion from 11i. Appreciate if someone can help me with the same.

      1. I understand functionality wise there will be changes in Fusion but going through the entire user guide to identify changes is tideous. Is there a handy list of changes/concepts to go through?

      2. I read that in Fusion PL/SQL use will be minimal. So, currently all the interfaces are in PL/SQL and Oracle reports and XML Publisher reports, How will we move them or modify when the application is changed to Fusion? As many table stuctures will change, will we end up rewriting or changing all interfaces and reports? Being a technofucntional consultant in what areas can I expect more work?


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          Saurabh Sonkusare

          There is no straight forward answer to your question mentioned in point 1. Fusion is developed by combining best features from EBS, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards. As of now, I have not found any note that provides comparison of features among these modules with fusion.

          For Point 2, Fusion has completely different mechanism for reports. Most of them are based on configurations (this includes complex data extracts, reports, dashboards and interfaces). There is an option to provide SQL statement for each report and get it in fixed-format report.

          I am not sure if there is any method or mean to transfer existing EBS reports to fusion. As per my findings, you need to create each report from scratch in Fusion (and this takes much time). You can attempt to re-use existing queries for these reports (in some cases, tables are changed).

          Finalyy, there is no method to "upgrade" EBS to fusion. you will need to do full implementation approach (including data migration part as well).