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    Second popup applet auto-close the first popup applet

    Samuel Premkumar-Oracle
      I have a configuration which works in the following way
      1) There's a button on Applet 1, which will pop-up Applet 2 using the ShowPopup method.
      2) In Applet 2, there's a field which has MVG applet.

      I observed the following behaviour:
      1) Click buttons on Applet 1 which pops-up Applet 2.
      2) In Applet 2, click the MVG pick which pops-up the MVG applet.
      3) Close the MVG applet by clicking the X button on the browser window.
      4) When the MVG applet closes, it also auto-close Applet 2. Focus return to Applet 1.

      The expected behaviour is MVG applet close, and focus should return to Applet 2, not auto-close Applet 2.

      Any thoughts?