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    OWSM_MDS schema


      In the Fusion Applications that we have, there is no schema such as 'OWSM_MDS' in both Fusion Apps database and IDM database. In the IDM database, we found one user named fa_mds. Used that user for OWSM_MDS schema while creating the Fusion domain in Jdeveloper and the domain creation was successful.
      Now when I go through the Fusion Apps Developer guide, it says "The schema name must have a prefix of owsm".

      But in Fusion Applications Developer guide, it is mentioned like, "+If the credential that is listed in the Database dialog has to be mapped to a schema other than the default schema, you should provide the appropriate schema name and password using the fields to the right of the credential list. For example, the OWSM MDS credential is mapped to the owsm_mds schema by default. But, if it has to be mapped to the hcm_fusion_mds_soa schema, you can choose the OWSM MDS credential from the list and then enter hcm_fusion_mds_soa in the Username field and specify the password in the Password field on the right.+"

      Can you please let me know whether the prefix,OWSM is mandatory so that I have my admin create a new schema with prefix 'owsm'.


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