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    How to set a particular object manager to Database Authentication



      In our production CRM environment, we are using eautomative & Call center applications. It is configured in such a way that the user authentication is from ADSI (Active Directory). Now, I need to have Call center application with Database Authentication & eAutomotive application should remain same as ADSI authentication as it is.

      Can anyone help me out, how to make only Call Center Object manager with Database authentication. Please provide me the clear detailed steps?

      Thanks in Advance

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          Login to an employee facing / high interactivity application as a Siebel Administrator. Then:

          1. Site Map > Administration - Server Configuration > Servers

          2. In the middle applet query for the application object manager you wish to change

          3. In the bottom applet select the Parameters tab

          4. Query for Sec*

          5. Change the following parameters:

          SecAdptMode = DB
          SecAdptName = DBSecAdpt

          6. Make sure you step off the second record so it saves.

          7. Check your eapps.cfg / eapps_sia.cfg file for the application object manger. You may need to specifically add AnonUser and AnonPassword parameters to the [callcenter_enu] (or whatever langauge) section if your default AnonUser does not exist as a database user.

          8. Stop and restart things.

          That should bring that application object manager up in DBSecAdpt authenticated mode.

          Hope that helps.

          Stevan - Oracle