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    Enable logging for AD connector - OIM 11.1.2

      Hi All,

      I am using "AD" connector. I need see the trace for all AD events, like assigning of AD role, AD account creation, AD custom adapters etc.

      Actually I am able to see the logs, but its in the default log file 'oim-server1.diagnostic.log'.

      I wanted to create a separate log file and have only AD related logs in that.

      I am also working on SAP ER connector, for which separate logger is available (provided in SAP ER connector guide), as below,

      <logger name="OIMCP.SAPH" level="[LOG_LEVEL]" useParentHandlers="false">
      <handler name="sap-er-handler"/>
      <handler name="console-handler"/>

      I ve gone through AD connector document, but I dint find similar logger.

      Similar to SAP, I want to create a separate logger, so that I can create a new log file dedicated to AD.

      Please provide solution.

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          Kevin Pinsky
          Use the Oracle Enterprise Manager for your log management. Don't manipulate the file itself. Click on your oim server, or right click, then select Logs --> Log Configuration. Here you can specific new log files, and set output to them as well. All changes are immediate and don't require restarts.

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            Hi Kevin,

            Thanks for reply....

            As suggested, logged in em console -> oim_server1 -> logs -> Log Configuraion -> Log Files -> Create new log file
            Here I should give some logger, which will populate AD log file with "AD logs only". I was asking for this logger previously.
            If my method is wrong, please suggest me the correct method to configure AD log files and could u give some more details how to configure log file for Active Directory connector and should contain only AD logs.

            My Scenario
            Also, In my case, created a custom prepopulate adapter and it has logger statements in it. I am able to see logger statements in oim_server1-diagnostic.log file (default oim log file).

            After that I created a custom process task adapter and attached it CREATE USER process task. Am not able to logger statements written in custom process task adapter. I wanted to test whether, the process task and process task adapter are being invoked. So, wanted to populate log file with all AD events including process task, process task adapter logs.

            Thanks in advance
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              Kevin Pinsky
              When a logger is used at any point, the application server will know about it. If you expand the Root logger from the log configuration screen you can expand all the nodes and see which loggers have been used, or you can just search for OIMCP (case sensitive) and it will output any loggers that contain what you searched for. Then you can add any you want to your custom logger. It will also output the same level to the diagnostic logger.