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    Apex Events In Europe

    Gus C
      I have no chance of attending any of the large oracle conferences in USA.
      Are there any interesting events (apex related) happening in europe this year ?

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          You missed the chance to hop on a boat in Norway - on right now

          Always a big on in the UK

          I always see european tweets regarding events thoughout the year.

          I'm stuck in Australia...

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            Tom Petrus
            The Oracle Apex Day in The Netherlands was just 2 weeks ago. It was interesting, but probably less so when you don't speak Dutch. There are several "international" tracks, but techical or customer case sessions were in Dutch, limiting the appeal to the international crowd.

            I know OBUG Connect also had several Apex sessions, but I did not attend there.

            A lot of people also talk about Kscope, but that is in the US. While it must be very interesting, going to the US is a costly affair, and I can imagine employers are not very interested in making such costs.
            Other than those, I have no clue, and I'm not willing to cough up the costs to attend by myself.