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    Copy a table from dashboard


      I'm using Obiee with Firefox

      I have an assignment to do!

      I would like to do some kind of function (using Javascript or something like that) to get a "copy" of a tables of my dashboard. I would like to get a "Impr Pant" but only of some dashboard elements that I need.

      For example, I have a table in a page of dashboard and I add a static text component on top of section with this code:
      <div id="test">
      <table class="table" align= "center">

      Then I have an analysis

      Finally I have another static text with this code:

      <table align="center">
      Print Table

      javascript function of this code is:
      <script type="text/javascript">
      function imprSelec(test)
      {var ficha=document.getElementById(test);var ventimp=window.open(' ','popimpr');ventimp.document.write(ficha.innerHTML);ventimp.document.close();ventimp.print();ventimp.close();}

      With this code I get a "print" option but I lose all style of my table...so it doesn't work for me...I need my analysis like users is seeing... and also I don't want to print, only I want to copy an analysis without lose any style...

      any help???

      Thank you very much!