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    Generating EXCEL output with more than 64K records from Oracle Reports

      We are on Oracle apps R11.5.10.
      We have a Oracle report (rdf using reports 6i) which is expected to generate huge data and since 64K is the limit in EXCEL we are facing issues with the output.

      We tried the below 2 solution approaches:

      1. Rdf report with RTF template generating EXCEL output. The program is ending in error due to the huge data not being written to EXCEL. When we run for a lesser data volume it works fine.

      2. rdf report with text output written to a flat file. But the output is not in easy to read format and hence file in EXCEL or .csv format is preferred.

      Please let us know how we can handle this issue. Is there a way the output can be split and written to mulitple sheets of excel.

      Thanks in advance.