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    SQL Developer export files not visible

    arun gb
      Hi All,

      I've started using SQL Developer recently and I am completely new to this tool.

      I've noticed a weird problem. All the export files and the folders I create from SQL Developer is not visible from the normal windows. Say I've executed a query and I need to export the output to a file. I right-click on the data grid; select Export Data -> xls/csv (anything) . I get a pop to mention the Location of the file. I click on Browse ; then select the location and then click on apply. I expect the file to be created. But when I go to that folder; I do not find any files.

      To add on to my suprise; If i click on open a file and navigate to the above mentioned path; the pop-up shows that the file is present in that folder. But it is not visible from Windows. This is of no use as I cannot use those files.

      BTW; version is

      Note: I've also enabled the option of viewing all hidden files and folders in Windows.