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    issue while tuning  A query

      hi All,

      i need a help. i have a query which took around 2 days to complete .
      i have tuned a query by creating some index.
      one such index is on date field. the query is written in one of the xml file.
      date_terminated = :from_date
      but the field is not using an index. the reason is if i use date_terminated ='01-APR-2013' only then it will use index .
      but the thing is i am submitting a concurrent program and date i am giving is 01-APR-2013 but it is taking 01/04/2013 00:00:00
      any idea on this ?
      please guide.

      Example :
      select contract_number ,start_date from view1
      where date_terminated <=:from_date;

      view 1-> select * from view2;

      view2-> select * from tab3;

      in tab3 i have index on id and date_terminated.
      i want to use my main query to use this index but it is not. any way out.
      cannot recreate the view :(

      please advice .