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    CAS and AD groups with Apex Listener 2.1

      Posting on this and Listener forum:

      We have succeeded at setting up CAS authentication with Weblogic Apex Listener 2.1 by setting up the authentication in the web.xml file.
      Our challenge now is to try to add another filter for AD group attributes such that only users with the correct group attribute be allowed to get to the URL that is registered with CAS. (Our CAS requires that each application URL be registered.) Our campus standard is that authorization groups be done in AD or LDAP.

      Since we have to register each application with CAS in the first place, can CAS check for the matching AD group attribute? I have read some blogs that seem to indicate this is feaible. Has anyone done this with Apex -- especially with Listener 2.1.

      I know we can also do LDAP query for groups using PL/SQL calls, but would rather do this at the app serve layer.