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    Using TOAD and SQL Developer to compare db objects in schemas in databases

      Hi All,

      My primary objective was to compare objects in schemas in two different databases and find out the differences,
      Execute DDL's in the database where objects are missing and syn schemas in two different databases.
      So I need to compare schemas in databases. Which tool would be helpful and will be user friendly to make a comparison of database objects existing in schemas in two different databases.
      I'd like to see if I can get a list of pro and cons between Toad and SQL Developer for comparing schemas pros and cons.
      Could you please also help me on navigation in SQL Developer to compare schemas.

      Connect to Source
      Connect to Target
      Compare schemas with different object types
      Find out differences
      Generate DDL's for the missing objects or for the objects in difference report
      Run them in missing instace(Source/Target)
      Make sure both are in sync.

      Thanks All