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    Model values are not updating - ADF LOV

    Rahul D

      We are using JDeveloper/JHeadStart -

      On page, we have text input fields(Company name, Address details) and drop-down list.
      With Company name text-field, we have set the ADF LOV and mapped the fields(text-input fields and drop-down list) on the page with the LOV.

      On LOV page, we have used the advancedSearch method to find the value. After finding, we are pressing the Select button on LOV page and the values are populating on the page(where we have set the LOV).

      After populating the values on the page, when we are updating the values and Saving the details. It is only saving the values which are populated through LOV page, not updated values.

      Expected result - The page should save the updated value.
      Actual result - The page is saving the values which are populating through LOV.