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    Debugging Screen flow

      How can i debug a screen flow ?
      My application goal is a flow (procedural goal); Is there a way to find the decision factors for rendering a page.
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          Jasmine Lee-Oracle
          You mentioned both 'screen flow' and 'procedural goal', so I wasn't clear whether you were driving the interview flow using a defined screen flow (i.e. this stuff: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38269_01/Content/Interviews%20and%20flows/Define_interview_screenflow.htm) or using a procedural rule?Regardless, the answer for debugging is to use the Debugger. If you have defined screens, then you will probably want to run the Debugger 'with screens' (OPM | Build menu | Build and Debug).

          The Debugger has 3 tabs:

          - Oracle Web Determinations tab: Displays like an embedded browser window in OPM
          - Data tab: Shows all attributes (base and inferred) in the rulebase and their current values
          - Decision tab: For viewing decision reports and indecision reports.

          You can do things like start running through the interview in the OWD tab, and at any point you can flip over to the Data tab to see the value of any attribute (base or inferred).

          There are many articles on debugging in the "Debugging" section of the OPM User Guide: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38269_01/Content/Debugging/Debugging.htm I highly recommend checking these out.


          Edited by: Jasmine Lee on 23-Apr-2013 16:46 | I've just seen this forum thread (Sub Flows + Inappropriate Page Rendering so it sounds like you're using the screen flow functionality and not a procedural rule.