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    EM 12.1 Metric Collection Upload Frequency

      Hi All,

      I'm looking at Host Metric Collections for EM 12.1, specifically "Filesystem Space Available (%)."


      The metric Summary Table says "Evaluation and Collection Frequency" is "Every 15 Minutes" then it says the "Upload Frequency" is "After Every 24 Samples." Does this mean that we wouldn't be notified of violations of the warning and critical thresholds for 15 minutes X 24 samples -- 360 minutes? That doesn't seem correct but I can't find a definition of sample.

      Any thoughts?

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          If there is a violation in any of the samples - say the 7th one - we will raise the violation right away and the sample data is uploaded as well. If there is no violation - then every 24th sample is uploaded.

          The Metric & Collection Settings UI has a mention about this: "Once an alert is detected, data will be uploaded to the repository immediately."

          I'll forward this thread to the corresponding team to see if they can make this prominent.
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            Thanks for the response and explanation, rpatti,

            So let's say:

            Sample #1: /u01 is 60% used
            Sample #7: /u01 is 65% used
            Sample #12: /u01 is 71% used
            Sample #20: /u01 is 79% used
            Sample #24: /u01 is 61% used

            Would those samples be uploaded and included in the metric data or would I only see that the /u01 filesystem increased 1%, from 60% to 61%?
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              Assuming that none of the values trigger an alert - I would assume you will see sample#1 and sample #25 in the UI. Not the intermediate ones.
              If your filesystem is more volatile - you can always change the upload interval accordingly.