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    RMS 13.2.4 installer error

      I have installed RMS DB Schema and batches of 13.2.4 version. But when i start the installer of 13.24 RMS application there is no result at all ! I didn't get any problem with database, weblogic, RMS DB and batches. BUt the problem is only with RMS application installer.

      The GUI is not opening and also am not getting any error message . There is no response from terminal.

      Can anyone tell me What could be the reason ?

      Thanks in advance
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          Why don't you try
          unset DISPLAY
          ./install.sh mode=text

          Just in case is X11 related.
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            Thanks for your valuable reply !

            When I start installer in any mode it may be direct,silent or text mode there is no response. It wont display neither GUI nor any error.

            Even in the installation guide of 13.2.3 they mentioned this type of problem in the Common Installation Errors Section but the approach they suggested is also not working.

            I have tried with +./install.sh silent+ as well as +./install.sh mode=text+

            Could you please elaborate?

            Thanks in advance.
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              That is so weird, to not have any message.
              I don't know if you are in the console terminal; but why don't you try connected thru ssh from putty or something similar.
              Also verify your variable TERM.
              Check that you have permissions to write in the install folder and all its subfolders.
              Verify that you have the right version of perl.
              I hope it helps.