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    DRM-28006 Error


      While trying to change a user's password to DRM, I received DRM error 28006: "This operation can only be performed if the authentication mode is set to Internal or Mixed. If the node is Mixed, the user's authentication method must be set to Internal."

      What does this mean? How do I fix it?


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          The message is telling you that in order to change the password for a user in DRM, the AuthMode in preferences has to be set to mixed and the user has to be an Internal DRM user onl. If you are using LDAP (single sign on) for multiple apps, then the DRM password has to be reset via your password change for LDAP if the user isn't Internal (DRM only).
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            Thank you for your quick response - I will try this and let you know how it goes!
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              Well, I changed the ADMIN AuthMethod from 'CSS' to 'Mixed' (the actual user whose password I was trying to change was set to 'Internal'). But, after I logged out of DRM, stopped and re-started services, I couldn't log back in as ADMIN....I received the error - Reason: Login failed. Invalid user name or password.

              ALM04, can you suggest a fix for this NEW issue?